There are lots of way to volunteer for MOCC! Check out the list below on various roles available during the conference. Interested? Email us at MOCC@mncampusalliance.org.

Volunteer Set Up: As a set-up volunteer, you will be putting up directional signage, setting up the registration table, gathering resources, and checking the rooms and spaces to ensure they are ready to use, along with miscellaneous tasks as they arise.

Registration Table: As the registration volunteer, be prepared to check in attendees using the roster that we will provide, making sure they receive their name tags, as well as swag bag and conference booklet. You will also be in charge of answering questions.

Resource Fair: Assist people who are setting up tables and answer questions about the Resource Fair.

Directional People: Provide information on the location of restrooms/keynote speaker rooms and workshops, as well as any other questions people may have.

Greeter: Greet attendees. Assist them in finding open seats, hand out any worksheets/items as requested, etc.

Tech person/Workshop Help: Check-in at workshop rooms to ensure that tech is working and each room has evaluations.

Lunch Set Up: Assist with setting up food placements, and miscellaneous duties as assigned and related to setting up lunch.

Lunch Clean-Up/Room Re-set: Assist with putting food away, reorganizing rooms back into workshop rooms.

Tear Down: Assist with putting materials away and picking up anything left behind.  On Sunday, volunteers would help with packing away signage, registration materials, etc. and bringing them back to the main office.


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