All-Gender restrooms maps will be included in the conference swag bag

University of Minnesota Morris has created an all-gender restroom map on the main university campus map.  To access this map overlay:

1) Visit
2)  Go to upper, right side of campus map and click on the drop down menu titled “Show more places and things”
3)  Select “Gender Neutral Restrooms”
4) You will see all-gender restrooms populate over the buildings.
5) Zoom into the map to see more information on location of the restroom.

Want to advocate for Gender Neutral Restrooms on your campus? See some of the resources below! Are there webpages you think we should add? Email your ideas to!

Why Gender Neutral Restrooms Are Necessary

 Unitarian Universalist Association’s Gender Neutral Restroom Statement 

Youth Resource Gender Neutral FAQ

Office of Human Rights: Safe Bathrooms DC

Safe 2 Pee’s Gender Neutral Restroom Resources

Heartland Trans* Wellness Group on Gender Neutral Restrooms

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