Breakout Session I

Saturday November 12, 2016
11:30AM to 12:30PM

What You Need to Know about Freedom of Speech
Location: Imholte 109
Presenter: Simon Franco
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris
Freedom isn’t free. We have all heard this maxim. However, what does this mean for students and institutions of higher education? The goal of this session is to explore what freedom of speech means at institutions of higher education. Some of the themes to be cover in this presentation include the language used at institution of higher education when it comes to freedom of speech, how students’ freedom of speech is restricted at college and universities, and how to analyze policies regarding freedom of speech.

#NoDAPL Activism Block
Imholte 111 is set up so that MOCC participants can watch videos about the Dakota Access Pipeline activism. Information on how you can help the Water Protectors will be included in this room.

Quiet Queer: Advocacy through Passive Activism
Location: Imholte 112
Presenters: Mickey Capps, Lynn Eggler, & Fiona Wu
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

This workshop will cover the basics of how to communicate with administrators on their college campuses. Participants will leave with an understanding of how these conversations work, and how to continue the conversations beyond initial interactions. Through both small-group discussions and an interactive presentation, attendees will learn how to navigate the structure of their college’s administration and engage students in the work that they are doing.

Only You: Maintaining Bisexual Identity in Monogamous Relationships
Location: Imholte 113
Presenter: Patrick RichardsFink
Affiliation: Prism Mental Health
A facilitated conversation where participants can share their experiences and insights into ways they maintain bisexual identity in monogamous same- or other-gender relationships. How can we not be erased by what people perceive as “straight” or “gay” partnerships?

Gender & Sexuality: I Didn’t Study For This
Location: Imholte 114
Presenter: Mags Boelens

“Gender and Sexuality: I didn’t study for this” will discuss growing up and discovering one’s identity in a conservative, heteronormative rural home. The focus of this panel will be mental health in the LGBT+ community and how this shapes us in our daily lives. From a brain injury to mental illness, the path to self-acceptance is a difficult one.

Being Queer & Kinky: How Do You Tell Your Partner(s), Make Sure It’s Safe, and Keep it Sexy on Top of Everything (or on the Bottom)?
This workshop may contain graphic images.
Location: Imholte 115 Presenter: Alice Barnett
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris
Kinks and fetishes come with a host of stigmas and stereotypes in today’s society, even in the queer community. Change is slow, but until that happens, how do you share your needs with the individual(s) that you’re interested in? Once you conquer that hill, how do you keep it safe, sane, consensual, AND sexy? No one has all the answers, but together, maybe we can bring some good ideas to the table. This session will be aimed at discussing these topics and others that involve the intersectionalities of queerness and kinkiness, as well as the future of how we approach these topics in our lives.

On Queering Institutions of Support: Implications of Social Support on Queer Longevity and Well-Being
Location: Imholte 202
Presenters: Shelby Flanaghan, Amanda Radtke, & Maggie Elinson
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morri
How do you find and construct community in a world that does not support or validate your identity? We will critique the current strides of the psychological community in their attempts to cater to LGBTQIA2s+ clients, specifically the lack of research and accessible mental health care. We will address how clinicians can improve their practice to better encompass LGBTQIA2S+ identities, get more involved in their communities with advocacy for gender and sexual minority groups, and the implications these changes will have on LGBTQIA2s+ individual’s well-being and longevity. The discussion will focus on the positive influence of social support on mental health, and how individuals find and construct support within their communities.
Healthcare and Self Care: Pursuing Wellness as an LGBTQ Minnesotan
Location: Imholte 203
Dylan Flunker, Laura Henry, & Khin Oo
Affiliation: Shift MN

Getting health care that is good, LGBTQ affirming, and affordable is challenging. Many LGBTQ people report experiencing discrimination or poor quality care because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, causing them to delay or completely avoid health care. We invite you to join us to discuss challenges and experiences around seeking healthcare as an LGBTQ person. We will share Rainbow Health Initiative’s LGBTQ Patient Toolkit, but we want to hear from you—what changes (individual, organizational, systemic) are necessary to eliminate these disparities? What resources do you need in order to improve your experience and access to health care.

This is Not Goodbye: Community Involvement after Graduation
Location: Imholte 217
Presenter: Madie McLeod
Affiliation: St. Cloud State University

You’re very involved in the LGBT community. Blood, sweat, tears, drag shows, alternative proms, event after event that you spent hours awake at night working on. The moment of truth is here and your diploma is at your fingertips, but you are worried about leaving the community you consider home and the people you call family. Never fear, this workshop is here to help you with tricks and tips to stay involved in your LGBT community on campus, within your town, and within the working world.