Breakout Session III

Sunday November 13, 2016
9:30AM to 10:30AM

Life After Student Activism
Location: Imholte 109
Presenter: Camille Holthaus
Affiliation: Bisexual Organizing Projec
A lot of students get a shock when they transition from student activist to community activist. Established organizations can feel slow moving, cautious and filled with old people who “tried that 10 years ago.” Despite your experience as a college activist or organizer, you may find yourself marginalized as young and inexperienced. Come hear about life in community organizations, how to leverage your strengths and deflect thoughtless dismissals. We’ll talk about the wide variety of organizations working for LGBT causes and the pros and cons of starting a new organization instead of joining an existing group.

#NoDAPL Activism Block
Imholte 111 is set up so that MOCC participants can watch videos about the Dakota Access Pipeline activism. Information on how you can help the Water Protectors will be included in this room

Creating & Maintaining Student-Run Support Groups
Location: Imholte 112
Presenters: Jay Vocu, Lynn Eggler, & Maija Kittleson Wilker
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

This workshop will provide attendees with an opportunity to educate themselves about how to create, operate, and maintain student run LGBTQ+ support groups. Using the example provided of the creation and maintenance of the support group at the University of Minnesota, Morris, attendees will be able to gain insight into how to best fulfill student needs and how to work best with campus resources to meet these requirements.

Safe Trans-Inclusive Sex
This workshop may include some graphic images.
Location: Imholte 113
Presenter: Carter Young
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

Sex can be cool. Gender-affirming sex can be even cooler. This is a sex-ed lesson on how to have safe sex that’s always gender-affirming. This panel’s goal is to provide sex education and resources for queer people.

(Still) Out Here & (Still) Queer: LGBTQIA2S+ Organizing in Rural Spaces
Location: Imholte 114
Presenter: Adrienne Conley
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

This workshop will be a facilitated discussion on how participants can organize in rural spaces on LGBTQIA2S+ issues. Have a question on what to do next in your area? Need help identifying resources or people? Want to make a difference in a conservative town, but don’t know how? This is the session for you!

The Youth Perspective
Location: Imholte 115
Presenter: Chelsea Young
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

Although bullying is troublesome for many children in both private and public education systems, LGBTQ youth face a higher rate of discrimination than modern media may suggest. Due to the insufficient number of reporting and follow up systems present in schools and under coverage in media, youth are left to face prejudice while the public believes no issues are present. This presentation will outline ways that school systems may advance their understanding, as well as their problem solving of LGBTQ issues, and promote greater coverage of youth issues in mainstream media.

Challenging the Queer Aesthetic: Shifting Our Perspectives
Location: Imholte 202
Presenter: Katrine Sjovold
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

This workshop will engage attendees in discussion surrounding labels and stereotypes that queer communities and society sets for itself. Participants will share ideas and experiences concerning the pressures to conform to a certain “queer standard” and the effect this conformity has on our community. This workshop aims to allow participants to use critical thinking and begin to have conversations about how we label ourselves and the pressure felt to conform in order to be “queer enough.”

Storytelling & Creative Writing: How Can You Know Where You’re Going if You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been?
Location: Imholte 203
Presenter: Alice Barnett
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

Storytelling has been an essential part of our culture for as long as language has been around. For queer people, storytelling is particularly important. Remote communities are created when we connect to others through the stories we hear or read and when you’re the only queer person you know in a rural community, those remote communities are something you cling to. Creative writing is one way to do that. In this session, we will discuss the remote communities that we engage with or did engage with as a young queer individual, then try our hand at creating our own works that others can connect with.

MN Campus Alliance: Train the Trainer Lightning Round Edition
Location: Imholte 217
Presenter: Jen Parshley
Affiliation: MN Campus Alliance

Do you provide ally trainings on your campus? Would you like to? Come to this abridged session of “Trainer the Trainer: An ‘Ally Training’ How To” to learn about some of the training frameworks and group activities that the MN Campus Alliance uses! Get ready to practice your skills!