Breakout Session II

Saturday November 12, 2016
2:15PM to 3:15PM

Bi+ Essentials
Location: Imholte 109
Presenter: Camille Holthaus
Affiliation: Bisexual Organizing Project
This workshop will address questions and common misconceptions about people who are attracted to more than one gender. The bi+ community often use labels such as bisexual, pansexual, fluid, or queer. Through presentation of personal stories and study and survey results, participants will learn about the ways the bi+ community is both similar to and different from the gay and lesbian communities, explore how to combat stereotypes of bi+ people that have such negative impacts on the community, and discuss how to be more inclusive of bi+ people individually and within organizations.

Situational Leadership Made Simple
Location: Imholte 112
Presenter: Dave Israels-Swenson
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

Are you a new student leader struggling with how to deal with the challenges of your role, or an experienced leader frustrated with the group you are working with? This session will introduce you to the Situational Leadership model and show you how to use this model to improve your own leadership and help your group to thrive.

Succumbing to the Void: A How-To Primer
Location: Imholte 113
Presenter: Maija Kittleson Wilker
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morris

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn about the history of radical artistic queer and trans movements and how to start a similar movement on their own campus. The presentation and facilitation will be done by members of Queer Devil Worshippers For a Better Future. P.S. absurdity is resistance

#NoDAPL Activism Block
Imholte 111 is set up so that MOCC participants can watch videos about the Dakota Access Pipeline activism. Information on how you can help the Water Protectors will be included in this room.

History of LGBTQ in Minnesota and More
Location: Imholte 114
Presenter: Jolien Hager Affiliation: Trans Lifeline and MN Campus Alliance
In Part I One of this workshop, Jolien Hager, a Trans Lifeline Operator and a Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance Volunteer, will share selected highlights from “The Land of 10,000 Lake: A Queer History of Minnesota” by Stewart Van Cleve and will share her story of what it was like to grow up trans in a small town in Northern MN. In Part II,through facilitated discussion around the work of the Trans Lifeline,students will have the opportunity to share about their own history of growing up different in small town/rural MN and will engage together on building resilience and coping skills with a specific focus on suicide awareness and prevention.

Out of the Closet, Into the Woods!
Location: Imholte 115
Presenters: Nova Miller & Sebastian Nemec
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Duluth

Being queer can be hard, being queer in the outdoors can be even harder. Living in the Midwest is an opportunity for us to get a breath of fresh air in a world where we are often constricted. Led by two nature queers that reside in a city that is known for its outdoor opportunities, we will talk about being queer and feeling more comfortable doing recreational activities. This workshop will be mostly focused on transgender and gender non-conforming perspectives. We’ll discuss how to improve college recreation programs for queer students while including time for discussion.

Marketing Then and Now: The Targeting of LGBTQ People by Corporate Tobacco Location: Imholte 202
Presenters: Dylan Flunker, Laura Henry, & Khin Oo
Affiliation: Shift MN

Did you know that LGBTQ identified people in Minnesota are 2.5 times more likely than their cisgender heterosexual counterparts to smoke? Corporate tobacco has a long history of targeting the LGBTQ community in advertising. However, with the decreasing production of print media, is corporate tobacco targeting the LGBTQ community today? The short answer: yes. In this workshop, we will compare classic examples of targeting with current examples in magazines and on social media. We want to know YOUR experiences with tobacco in your communities on campus and beyond. What are your memories of tobacco advertising? How do we sever the ties between corporate tobacco and the LGBTQ community?

Trans and Intersex Athletes: Gene Expression and Gender Salience
Location: Imholte 203
Presenters: Heather Peters and Rebecca Dean
Affiliation: Professors, University of Minnesota Morris

This year, two news stories have brought intersex and trans athletes to the forefront of public consciousness: the political fallout from North Carolina’s trans-phobic “bathroom law”, and the success of South African sprinter Caster Semenya in the Rio Olympics. This workshop will explore the differences in sports performance between people of different chromosomal and hormonal configurations, and the cultural reasons why physical differences related to sex are considered more salient than those related to height, weight, or muscle mass. We will provide an overview of the policies that affect trans and intersex athletes at the international, collegiate, or community level.

Not Just another Acronym: The Two-Spirit Identity
Location: Imholte 217
Presenter: Jay Vocu & Alice Barnett
Affiliation: University of Minnesota Morri
Hey everybody, have you noticed the “2S” at the end of Morris’s LGBTQIA2S acronym? Curious about what that means? Well, come listen to some UMM students discuss the indigenous identity known as “Two Spirit” and learn about a Native American identity!